Diary, C.M. Pine

24 October 2012

The Governor is quickly growing angry with Peter’s smiths and Clara and I have told him it would be dangerous to try to continue delay tactics with them. He is not listening. He is confident in the Governor’s dependence upon them, but I think that is the reason to fear. He will stand less and less these delays. And who knows what he will do to stop them.

In the meantime Clara and I have been working on a plan to try and stop the Governor, but it is much more difficult than even I imagined. The Governor has had who knows how long to plan his move and we have days. Perhaps less.

Still, we have finally come up with a plan. It is risky. And very stupid. But if we survive it I think we just might be able to weaken the Governor enough to stop him. And if we’re really lucky, maybe we could free these poor people of the tyrant. But I dare not describe our plan until it is through. This journal is, after all, quite readable (though safe).

Perhaps fortunately communication with Ellen has been difficult. It would be easier to have someone close and familiar here with me, but I suppose the life I have chosen will be full of these moments. At least for now.

Quick as this entry has been, I must go. I spend all my time at school or thinking. Or sleeping, which I must off to now. God help us in the coming days.


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