Having a “Ball”

So yesterday I went to a ball.

Okay, it wasn’t quite a “ball” in the traditional sense. Actually, it was like a club. Except it was spread out over the campus of a school. I think there were six rooms with different music? Live Rock, “Disco,” traditional “club” music, salsa and honestly that’s as far as I got. BECAUSE, the live rock was TOO COOL. I’m not sure I can express how much fun it was to listen to French people playing “Sweet Child of Mine.”

Which leads me to my next tidbit: The weirdest stuff that happened to me last night (least to greatest, of course).

1) Old people. Yeah. So there were a lot of like, adults there. Like A LOT. I saw a gray-haired man in the Club room. Which was just kind of like, “Um…okay.” It’s France. Go figure.

2) Peeing in public. Yeah, so before y’all freak out let me just say that this is what happened. They had like this bathroom hut with tarps in the back of it that were pretty open. But you’d just walk to the back, walk up to this wall of falling water and, well you get the idea. So strange.

3) The nipple guy. So we were dancing in the Disco room and this guy just comes through and on his way past, twists my nipple and tells me I’m cute. I will say it took me a good five minutes to replay what he said to figure out that he said “mignon,” so much confusion. One minute I’m being polite, the next there’s a man touching my chest. I still have no idea how he was that accurate.

4) The french girls I was dancing with started making out with each other. I was just kind of like…well this is awkward. Now what am I supposed to do? I should also mention at this point in the night our group had gotten separated. So I was just like…um…and left to go find some friends to dance with haha.

5) And my favorite one of the night: French people singing “Stand By Me.” Wins the competition for both weirdest and best. So much great.

And that was my night. Spent dancing away with some really cool people. It was a lot of fun. I even made a friend just waiting in line to get in. Oh. And I got to dress up.


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