Some stuff

Well, as the Egypt* collapses around one of my best friends, I can proudly the other has possibly come to my aid. Let me just briefly say that one of the most difficult things about studying abroad is what happens when you get back. In this case, housing. Because I can’t a) go find a place to live (although thanks to the internet I can help a bit), b) meet a possible roommate or c) negotiate with people I was hoping to room with so everyone’s hunky-dory. Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about that.

ALSO of note, scheduling round two. Oh yes. It’s just as much of a nightmare as round one. Except this semester the classes are better! AND I will not be taking clinical psychology because now I know what I’d be getting into and no thank you.

For those of you who don’t know anything about John Green or Crash Course World History, I’m currently obsessed. Not just because the man is hilarious, but because it’s really good History. Really. Remember all the stuff you learned about how awesome China or the Middle East was once? No? Yeah, exactly. You should check it out.

Oh look! I even made it easy!

Another obsession y’all may be interested in is this beautiful gem:

I should mention I didn’t start with #1 because you can see the title which has a curse word in it and being an open internet forum of sorts, I thought I’d make a toss at responsibility despite the fact that I’ve just posted a video of drunkenness…my priorities my be slightly out of order, but I do what I can.

And lastly, it is my favorite time of year. A time that only beats Thanksgiving because I can play the theme-song for a whole month and not be considered strange or out of place: Christmas. And props to my family for helping me feel a little more at home. Love you guys.

*This is a drastically oversimplified statement with many complicated aspects I’ve chosen not to delve into, partly because I’ve been told that media sources aren’t very accurate in the reporting of the current events in Egypt and partly because to assume I know what’s even remotely going on in Egypt is really arrogant and Western of me and I’d rather not.


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