Soldes Season

The Soldes are here. What, you ask, is a “solde?” Well. It’s a “sale.” And while sales are a near-constant feature of American life, not so much in France. Where like, nothing goes on sale. Hardly ever. The French seem to be into the “buy one, get one half-off” thing, but not so much “hey! this individual and usefully-sized unit is a lower price than it normally would be” thing.

ANYWAY, tons of stuff is half-off or more now. And like everything. It’s like black Friday, just for like, multiple weeks on end. So instead of insanity, you just get broke. Haha and you might think that’s a joke, but sales man. They’re dangerous.

To be honest, I’m probably not partaking of this strange shopping excursion because, to be quite frank, I have no money. Or maybe I should say extra money. Nope. Instead, I think I’ll just take a trip to, eh, Italy or Eastern Europe.

And the sarcasm stops for now.

T minus seven days to my next final. Let’s pray I’m ready.


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