L’Anarchie dans la Haute Culture or Anarchy and Culture

This weekend opened up the European Culture Capital for 2013 which, as it turns out, is Marseille! So…I went to the opening! Granted, at night, but that may have been the coolest time to go. Why you ask? Because of this:


I also saw some pretty awesome ice sculptures.


And a very strange parade with, yep. You guessed it: a giant disco ball.


So what’s the story? Where’s this great “Anarchy” I chose to place in my title. Well it goes something like this. Getting to Marseille was a challenge. The wait for the buses taking people to Marseille by highway was 2 hours. By a different route about half an hour. So we chose that one. While waiting our French friend said something about how every time the French organize a huge celebration like this it turns into anarchy because they don’t take well enough into account simple things like transportation.

Oh how true that turned out to be.

As soon as the bus arrived, everyone mobbed it. There was even enough room on the thing for everyone, but it was just an immovable mass of people. However, finally we all got on and left, bus full. Estimated trip time: 1 hour. Oh boy.

Everything was going dandy. I was watching an iPod movie with a friend, we were going to Marseille, dandiness.

Then we stopped at a bus stop with about 30-40 people. The bus was full. Their solution?

Stand in front of the bus so it couldn’t move.

Yep. That’s right.

Children and all.

So we got stuck there for half an hour while these people threw a fit until finally our driver got permission from dispatch to board them in the aisle. And that’s how we arrived in Marseille.

All-in-all it was quite an unexpected adventure. And I did really enjoy it. Friends, shows and a night out. All good.


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