I’ve Been Learning About “Lenses”

I recently read an article by Donella Meadows for my major that was all about how to enact change in a system. That could be from a system as simple as filling a bathtub to the global economy, but for the moment what really struck me was her last point. Because the last way to change a system is to recognize that there exists no one paradigm that is absolutely right, or good, or whatever. We as humans simply can’t understand the entire nature of the universe. We just can’t. What we have instead are lenses. Ways of viewing and thinking about the world.

So last night, while at a birthday party with other people from my program, we exchanged love life histories. Most of it was pretty basic. Most within the “ordinary” or “average” range of dating experiences. But there was this one girl who was explaining everything. And it was so different from everyone else. So different. And while I can’t say  I “got” it, I think I’m starting to see more of the world.

And I think that’s what study abroad is ultimately about. Expanding your worldview.


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