Roman Night Walk

The Camp Di Fiori was, apparently, once a field. That then became a market, and eventually a square. And it was here that housed the theatre the Roman Senate was temporarily meeting in when Julius Caesar was murdered. Now it’s just a place to eat food and hang, but history man. History.

There is also the Piazza Navona that still retains it’s original shape: that of a chariot stadium. And in the center of this is one of the coolest fountains we saw, topped of course with a stolen Egyptian obelisk.


The fountain represents the four great rivers: the Nile, the , the, and the .


Then of course the Pantheon, which will get it’s own post soon. For now, check it out. Complete with, wait for it, a stolen Egyptian obelisk.


Oh. Here’s another Egyptian Obelisk outside a government building.


Hey! A column not belonging to the Egyptians. This beauty was built in the 2nd century to celebrate the Romans’ defeat of the barbarians. I included a day pic too for clarity.



And for the purposes of this post, the last cool thing we saw was Trevi Fountain. Which was basically awesome. According to superstition if you throw in a coin to the fountain, you are certain to return to Rome. Some of the newer offshoots pertain to your romantic life, including one that says you’ll be alone/divorced if you don’t toss in anything.


I decided to cover my bases just in case. I can think of worse things than visiting Rome again. 😉


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