The Vatican: Area? City? Country? Let’s just make it a continent.

So the Vatican was awesome. If I can somehow manage to impress upon you all the sheer magnitude of St. Peter’s Basilica…I will be the greatest writer who ever lived. Mostly because I don’t even get it. And that was done on purpose by the architects. I’ll explain.

This is the Basilica.


This is the Basilica from the inside. The statues up top are 2-3 times the size of the ones down below, playing with your perception and making everything seem less large.


This is a Cherub baby. It’s the size of a full-grown man.


This bronze canopy is seven stories tall. As you can maybe see, it manages to attain about, oh, just shy of half the ceiling height.


There are some other cool things in here other than its massive size, like the Pieta of Michelangelo, but I for one am still trying to conceive of the size. John Paul II is buried here too. I have a lot of respect for that man, even if he was the pope. Which sounds weird, but being in the Vatican really drove home one thing: Popes are politics. If you don’t believe me, I ask you then why in the world someone would build the St. Peter’s Basilica. How much could that have cost? Imagine what the church could have done with that instead. And I don’t want to get political or religious, and I know what I just said is an insanely simplified statement, but still.

When I look at this, I wonder.



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