The end of my tour in Italy was about two weeks past now, but I haven’t stopped travelling yet! Thus the absence of a conclusion. HOWEVER, today ends that. Haha. Here is Firenze (Florence).

It was beautiful. Just as a city, it’s so nice. The streets are wide, but still capture the homey feel of the cobblestone streets I’ve come to love living in Europe.


We saw the David statue. However, you can’t take pictures of it. So here’s one I found online. I will say. It was pretty dang cool.

English: Michelangelo's David (original statue...


We also went to the Duomo, a really huge cathedral that was actually pretty cool. Especially since we went up the bell tower and could see the whole city!






The Sante Maria Novella was pretty darn cool too. Mostly because we quickly realized that ALL the frescos are from about the mid-14th century. That’s about 650 years ago.




Can’t forget the Ponte Vecchio of course! It’s really cool. And entirely dominated by jewelers. So much gold and silver. It was incredible.






And last, but not least by far, the Bobili Gardens. They were a dream. Just a dream. It was really incredible.






All in all. The Italy trip left me bankrupt and exhausted. But never will you hear me say I regretted it for one minute.



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