Going to this country was a blessing. Two weeks later and I still am not sure what to say about it. It was my first time in Africa, my first time in an Islamic country, my first time riding a camel, my first time haggling. So many firsts. So many new experiences. So many new ways of seeing and understanding.

The camel ride in the desert was the best thing ever. Two dreams in one. Camel riding. And sleeping in a sand desert. So cool.


The Souks are pretty sweet too. It’s fun to haggle with people and really just talk with vendors. You can learn so much about them, the culture, whatever. And in the end everyone leaves happy. Even if you don’t get the “best” price you could have.


We met all kinds of people. Super posh English women who are all three lawyers, Moroccains and Bedouins, Dutch. All kinds.


And in the end I found I realized that the world is no bigger than I thought. Just a hell of a lot deeper.



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