London ft. Baker’s St. and Tea. So Much Tea.

London is amazing. It was at once exactly what I thought it would be and so far from my expectations. Foreigners from around the world crowd streets that are surprisingly wide, world famous sites are crammed next to modern-style buildings and 19th century buildings and massive gardens. It’s incredible that there could be so much to do in a city with as relaxed a beat.

In other words, it’s a fantastic vacation spot.

First of all, the public museums are all free. Including the Natural History Museum.


First step in and I suddenly remembered why I loved Dinosaurs as a child. It took all of half a second for it all to come rushing back!


And we can’t forget about my favorite museum ever! The British Museum! Home of the Rosetta Stone! However, I say it’s my favorite museum because it’s basically a giant course on human history through artifacts. Tons of signs explaining the life, times and culture of what is in there. Just beautifully done.


You can’t forget the English Breakfast either, with its rather strange and wonderful inclusion of beans. [sidenote: every time you go to a different country, I suggest trying their bacon. Because nobody does it quite the same way and that’s so cool!]


And pubs. If you go to London and skip out on going to a pub, you’ve just missed out on a super cool part of culture. If you’re not into pubs that much, go the the Cheshire Cheese Pub. It’s not the oldest pub in London, but it was frequented by the likes of Lord Tennyson, Mark Twain and Charles Dickens (who seemed to have enjoyed it so much, he referenced the place in A Tale of Two Cities).


Then of course is Westminster which is either my favorite or second favorite cathedral ever, I can’t decide (the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Barcelona would be the other contender). I went to a service there as well as did the whole tour. And I’m just going to say, it was entirely worth everything.


I’ve decided one of my new life goals is to go here, because it is my favorite set of buildings in all of London:


Never complete without Baker’s St. That was worth it just to be there.


And Cheapside! From my favorite film of all time A Knight’s Tale! William Thatcher was born here!


So much to do in London. I certainly didn’t do it all. If you’ve never been, go. For the non-travelers it’s an easy one (English-speaking and similar culture) and for the travelers, well. There’s plenty to experience.



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