Things I No Longer Understand Since France

1) Pancake mixes. (They don’t exist in France, so I’ve just been making them by scratch and it’s so easy!)

2) Gallons of milk. I mean, liters were working just fine and now I feel cowed by my own milk.

3) American alcohol culture. I just literally don’t understand anymore.

4) The lack of bakeries. Seriously though. Where the hell am I supposed to get pastries and bread?

5) Where’d all the cobblestone go?

6) How am I supposed to go places if I can’t walk there?

7) So…where did the espresso go?

8) You mean I can actually SEE my friends again? Wait. What? They live in the same time-zone? Woah man. One thing at a time please.


One thought on “Things I No Longer Understand Since France

  1. 1) Scratch is better.
    2) We go through about a gallon a day here.
    3) It defies explanation.
    4) Life in the ‘burbs, dude. Sucks.
    5) Never had ’em. Mud ruts probably served us well for a long time. Then macadam was invented. No Roman armies ever marched these distant game trails…
    6) You have a car to share with your brother. Better than some can say. We also maintain a nice bike for you.
    7) Any good coffee shop.
    8) Yes, but they’re probably so far-flung, they might as well be living in different countries.

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