Beginning Again

My last “real” year of school is about to start and I can’t help reflecting on how strange it is. Some people learn nothing in college. Others only learn about non-academic things (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Some only learn academic things, and I think there you might be missing out on some of the richest stuff.

For me, so far, college has been less about learning “things” and more about becoming myself. I think that should really be everyone’s goal and whether that’s through college or something else, I critic society for trying to force us into anything else.

When I tell people I’m an English major, everyone responds, “So you want to be a teacher?” As if English is good for nothing but teaching English. Which really doesn’t make sense given the fact that we teach English in school and don’t expect any of those kids to become teachers. We study it because there are valuable lessons to be learned. I study it because I love it. It is a part of me. It makes me more of myself. And that’s what I love about this next year. I get to continue becoming myself.

Which is kind of terrifying isn’t it?


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