Update on Life

Haven’t posted in a while, but I assure you the adventures continue.

Transitions back have been far more difficult than I ever imagined. I’ve been fed up, pissed off with and unmotivated by the most random assortment of things.

Espresso is my coffee now. Everything else is water. (Not really, but I also can’t live without espresso anymore).

My idea of bringing alcohol to a party is wine. Why? France. That’s why. It’s also delicious. Blackberry Wine is the most amazing thing on the planet. Followed by whiskey. Followed by coconut rum (why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff earlier, oh my god).

And I’ve been dating. For six months now (here’s the page I made, hope you love corgis as much as I do). And very soon, I will be engaged, preparing to graduate, finding a job, and setting out on a brand new adventure.

That is way more terrifying than anything else yet.

And that sounds great to me.



L’Anarchie dans la Haute Culture or Anarchy and Culture

This weekend opened up the European Culture Capital for 2013 which, as it turns out, is Marseille! So…I went to the opening! Granted, at night, but that may have been the coolest time to go. Why you ask? Because of this:


I also saw some pretty awesome ice sculptures.


And a very strange parade with, yep. You guessed it: a giant disco ball.


So what’s the story? Where’s this great “Anarchy” I chose to place in my title. Well it goes something like this. Getting to Marseille was a challenge. The wait for the buses taking people to Marseille by highway was 2 hours. By a different route about half an hour. So we chose that one. While waiting our French friend said something about how every time the French organize a huge celebration like this it turns into anarchy because they don’t take well enough into account simple things like transportation.

Oh how true that turned out to be.

As soon as the bus arrived, everyone mobbed it. There was even enough room on the thing for everyone, but it was just an immovable mass of people. However, finally we all got on and left, bus full. Estimated trip time: 1 hour. Oh boy.

Everything was going dandy. I was watching an iPod movie with a friend, we were going to Marseille, dandiness.

Then we stopped at a bus stop with about 30-40 people. The bus was full. Their solution?

Stand in front of the bus so it couldn’t move.

Yep. That’s right.

Children and all.

So we got stuck there for half an hour while these people threw a fit until finally our driver got permission from dispatch to board them in the aisle. And that’s how we arrived in Marseille.

All-in-all it was quite an unexpected adventure. And I did really enjoy it. Friends, shows and a night out. All good.

Some New Experiences

So pretty much everything in France is closed on Sunday. Like almost literally. If you want to stay open, you have to pay a tax for it. So basically all that’s left are a few scattered mini-marts and restaurants. Which I actually really like, it’s cool to just have a day you know you don’t have to work on. HOWEVER, it is not so conducive for running out of clean clothes. This is where I found myself this morning.

SO, instead of braving the stench of my own clothing, I decided to try something my roommate has been doing: hand-washing my clothes. Boy is that a new one for me.

If you thought doing laundry for the first time was a challenge, you have not kneaded wet underwear in a sink. ‘Cause that’s really where it all gets interesting. Haha

I think this is one of the more unexpected adventures of my study abroad.

Some More Adventuring

August 24 (This post got lost?)

Well, yesterday we got french phones and searched for apartments. I think that’s all we did yesterday? It’s all been a bit of a blur. Phones took forever. I feel like I’m back in the eighth grade. Remember those phones you had that had T9 and couldn’t take a picture? Remember T9? Yeah. Welcome to “ma vie actuelle” (my current life). I gotta tell you. It’s an interesting experience using T9 to type messages in French to other Americans. Like, what? But that’s what we’re all doing, cause messages in English (guess what) don’t work on T9. But that’s what we’re here for, so I’m certainly not complaining.

It’s just weird.

ANYWAY, apartments. They’re crazy. Some of them are really small, some are normal, and others are straight-up weird/awesome. The first one we saw was individually rented at 450 euro a month amenities included. Not bad. It was a cool apartement. However, there was one just below it that housed three people in three seperate rooms for about 850 euros. Total. Très cool. Finally comes my favorite (which I didn’t end up doing). It’s in the old neighborhood of Aix, like the bourgeois side. It. Was. Cool. It was dressed up like a fancy apartment and really big. And only 900 euro for the whole thing. Split between two people. Awesome. I was enchanted. It has this really old feel to it that I just love. But. Not so good for my roommate. Which I was okay with.

Our friends have it. So I will be visiting. 😉

The apartement I did end up getting is the three person. About 300 euro a month amenities included and a really nice landlord. I’m super excited. Especially just in the fact that I HAVE a place to go. To call home. The aparthotel is really nice, but it’s really just a hotel. And hotel is not home.

Last note for today (I know, I haven’t even told you about today, or last night, or really anything but I gotta eat dinner now). I went to the market (always want to say “supermarché”) and bought my first bottle of alcohol to go along with my first improvised meal (potatoes, bell pepper, onions and cheese). This is it. Bonjour, bonnuit!