Some More Adventuring

August 24 (This post got lost?)

Well, yesterday we got french phones and searched for apartments. I think that’s all we did yesterday? It’s all been a bit of a blur. Phones took forever. I feel like I’m back in the eighth grade. Remember those phones you had that had T9 and couldn’t take a picture? Remember T9? Yeah. Welcome to “ma vie actuelle” (my current life). I gotta tell you. It’s an interesting experience using T9 to type messages in French to other Americans. Like, what? But that’s what we’re all doing, cause messages in English (guess what) don’t work on T9. But that’s what we’re here for, so I’m certainly not complaining.

It’s just weird.

ANYWAY, apartments. They’re crazy. Some of them are really small, some are normal, and others are straight-up weird/awesome. The first one we saw was individually rented at 450 euro a month amenities included. Not bad. It was a cool apartement. However, there was one just below it that housed three people in three seperate rooms for about 850 euros. Total. Très cool. Finally comes my favorite (which I didn’t end up doing). It’s in the old neighborhood of Aix, like the bourgeois side. It. Was. Cool. It was dressed up like a fancy apartment and really big. And only 900 euro for the whole thing. Split between two people. Awesome. I was enchanted. It has this really old feel to it that I just love. But. Not so good for my roommate. Which I was okay with.

Our friends have it. So I will be visiting. 😉

The apartement I did end up getting is the three person. About 300 euro a month amenities included and a really nice landlord. I’m super excited. Especially just in the fact that I HAVE a place to go. To call home. The aparthotel is really nice, but it’s really just a hotel. And hotel is not home.

Last note for today (I know, I haven’t even told you about today, or last night, or really anything but I gotta eat dinner now). I went to the market (always want to say “supermarché”) and bought my first bottle of alcohol to go along with my first improvised meal (potatoes, bell pepper, onions and cheese). This is it. Bonjour, bonnuit!