December is a Christmas countdown

To the day we took you to the hospital.

Filled with memories of baking peppermint

And sugar cookies,

Bright sweaters,

And a million moments we are beginning to realize

We had to leave with you when we said goodbye.


We will miss them together,

Under a tree filled with all our ornaments,

Cookies warming the air,

As the family you built with dad.

We will cry, we will laugh,

And remember that Christmas is about

True, selfless love.



I’m there. 🙂

I’ll have a post on Lyon, finals and all the small little strange quirks I’ve been slowly digging up in the USA soon.

But right now it’s time for family.

Also. There is snow. BEST DAY EVER!

The Christmas Post

This little bit of ADD is all about deep stuff. Just so’s you know.

We see a lot every year about how Christmas is so commercialized and how it brings out the worst in people. Every year some intellectual high school students, college kids and cynical adults,* all post on blogs, facebook, twitter and God knows what else, about this “new” fact. But guys. It’s freaking Christmas. No matter what people decide to do with it, I think it’s one of the most beautiful holidays we have. I get to sit down every year and see EVERYONE in my family. All. At. Once-ish. I get to say “I love you,” tell stories about how I’ve grown and hear stories about others. I get to give not just presents, but silent “I love you’s” to my family. I try to put myself into the gifts I give.

In fact, I’ve given poems or stories to more than one relative. And I think instead of critiquing these crazy super-shoppers, we should take a minute and feel something for them. Because what in God’s name is so important that you really have to tussle for it? Shouldn’t we take a minute and feel sorry for these people who don’t realize that what’s really important is thought and time? Not money or stuff. Thought and time. Somehow they’ve confused the too. They maybe think that this high-tech, high-demand video game is what their children need to be happy. But you know. I don’t think that’s it. Christmas morning, I’ll admit, I always hope for lots of presents. But. BUT. It’s not because I really, really want the stuff. It’s because I know that for each additional present under that tree, there’s five more minutes my family and I can be together and say nothing but “I love you.”

And you know. I don’t think anyone should ever be jealous. And I’ll be honest and say I can be a very jealous person. But think about it. A) the things that make other people happy are GOOD. Think about all those sources of love and security around you. What would you do without them? Why covet if that means taking that happiness from someone else? B) Why not start counting your blessings instead? I mean. Today, for instance, the sun rose. And as a consequence we had a sunrise, a sunset, wind, rain, that breath of warmth you get on your skin in spring, and life. Every day. I mean. Obviously, someone loves you. And isn’t that worth more than anything you could possibly be jealous of? Who else is going to get the sun to rise for the whole world everyday?

*obviously I’m overgeneralizing. LET THE ENGLISH MAJOR STYLE GUYS.


I want everyone to take a moment and stop what they are doing right now.

And I want them to pray. Or if they aren’t religious, to think or meditate. Not on or about the children killed in Connecticut. Not about humanity. About this one simple thing.

I want everyone to stop and think about one beautiful thing they saw this year. Just one. And I want everyone to pray that something just as beautiful happens every moment of every day.

Because, while I don’t think we’ll ever get to that level of perfection. It’s a hell of a lot better than where we are. And people, no matter how much crap they decide to do, are some of the most beautiful things about this world. And they deserve to have a good sunrise and a comforting sunset. Whether that come from the sun, or from us other, more momentarily able people.


So Imma be honest and say, I’m really tired and have zero motivation to do a post today recapping my Lyon adventures. I’m going to reluctantly promise one for tomorrow haha. To be fair, I have two papers to write and all the research to do for them by next week in addition to class and all the other wonderful opportunities I have here in France.

I will however say, if you have the opportunity to go to the Festival of Lights in Lyon. Go.