Update on Life

Haven’t posted in a while, but I assure you the adventures continue.

Transitions back have been far more difficult than I ever imagined. I’ve been fed up, pissed off with and unmotivated by the most random assortment of things.

Espresso is my coffee now. Everything else is water. (Not really, but I also can’t live without espresso anymore).

My idea of bringing alcohol to a party is wine. Why? France. That’s why. It’s also delicious. Blackberry Wine is the most amazing thing on the planet. Followed by whiskey. Followed by coconut rum (why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff earlier, oh my god).

And I’ve been dating. For six months now (here’s the page I made, hope you love corgis as much as I do). And very soon, I will be engaged, preparing to graduate, finding a job, and setting out on a brand new adventure.

That is way more terrifying than anything else yet.

And that sounds great to me.



The Prequel

Things are winding down here in Athens with only really half a day left. But! Still don’t have good internet, so here’s a brief peak at what’s gone down:

1) The Acropolis (Akropoli) -Really cool. Lots of old foundations.

2) The Temple of Poseidon

3) Greek (Turkish) Coffee (it’s lovely).

4) Greek wine -Lot’s of greek wine


Coffee-Fueled Excitement

Today I drank way too much coffee, which normally I would list as a problem because it elevates me to a level of excitement that is not only socially unexceptable, but is really not conducive to note taking (let’s just say I will make circles into squigglies given the chance). HOWEVER, it really served to boost my good mood for the day AND get me through our methodology course, which started today and is not very entertaining at all. Okay, it’s not terrible. But coffee. Good stuff.

Wow. So far today has been really boring. But it’s been a great day.

Lots of coffee.

Pre-Departure Realizations

1) 99% of your life you spend reliant only upon yourself for motivation, emotional grounding and self-confidence. So you should never expect others to fill 75%. That said, that last 1% makes more difference than anyone on this earth could possibly imagine.

2) Of all the fears, worries and reservations that I probably should have at this point, I have only one that actually draws concern from me: leaving my best friends behind. Or in a different country, as the case may be.

3) One hour of sleep can be the difference between dead-tired and hyper-active (with some coffee of course).

4) I love my family. Truly and deeply. But, I am ready to be on my own.

5) I am ready to leave. For all my last-minute purchasing and packing. For me, I guess, all I need now is to say my goodbyes.

6) Women, and everything in regards to women, are impossible to understand.