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Update on Life

Haven’t posted in a while, but I assure you the adventures continue.

Transitions back have been far more difficult than I ever imagined. I’ve been fed up, pissed off with and unmotivated by the most random assortment of things.

Espresso is my coffee now. Everything else is water. (Not really, but I also can’t live without espresso anymore).

My idea of bringing alcohol to a party is wine. Why? France. That’s why. It’s also delicious. Blackberry Wine is the most amazing thing on the planet. Followed by whiskey. Followed by coconut rum (why didn’t anyone tell me about this stuff earlier, oh my god).

And I’ve been dating. For six months now (here’s the page I made, hope you love corgis as much as I do). And very soon, I will be engaged, preparing to graduate, finding a job, and setting out on a brand new adventure.

That is way more terrifying than anything else yet.

And that sounds great to me.



Things I No Longer Understand Since France

1) Pancake mixes. (They don’t exist in France, so I’ve just been making them by scratch and it’s so easy!)

2) Gallons of milk. I mean, liters were working just fine and now I feel cowed by my own milk.

3) American alcohol culture. I just literally don’t understand anymore.

4) The lack of bakeries. Seriously though. Where the hell am I supposed to get pastries and bread?

5) Where’d all the cobblestone go?

6) How am I supposed to go places if I can’t walk there?

7) So…where did the espresso go?

8) You mean I can actually SEE my friends again? Wait. What? They live in the same time-zone? Woah man. One thing at a time please.

While at home…

I splurged on things I usually haven’t had a taste for. And boy could I not at all resist this lovely meal, courtesy of Bob Evans (who is always graciously serving breakfast. Thank the lord).


And I found over break that I have all the sudden developed an insatiable taste for another of nature’s (or perhaps I should say America’s) wonders.



And eggs and potatoes. All wonders.

There America. I do love you.

Pasta and I: The Hard Truth

So last night I had a revelation about me and pasta:

I like pasta just a little too much. How is that you say? Well…I often end up eating it raw. Yeah. I know. Disgusting, strange, bad for your teeth, what would my mother think, how do you live in civilized society, etc.

But the thing is IT’S JUST SO GOOD! And I don’t have the time to be wasting cooking a small quantity of pasta that I’m just going to eat with my fingers! Psh.

So I see three possible solutions: 1) Cook what I’ve got and don’t buy more pasta unless I have immediate plans for it. 2) Cook all the pasta and put it in the fridge to snack on later. 3) Have a constant supply of baguettes.

Option three it is. Welcome to France!


So last night I stayed up to watch the elections until like 6:30 this morning. And then I went to bed and woke up at noon for a group project. As you can probably guess I was late. You know, that whole lack of sleep and hungover thing doesn’t help. Anyway, to make a long story short. I was like an hour late. I felt so bad!

Except everyone else was just about as late. hahaha Welcome to France.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I had my first true wine-tasting/shop experience! And BOY was that strange. In France when you taste wine, you first smell it. Then swirl it around a bit and examine the color very, very carefully. And then you take a sip and taste…And then you are free to spit it out into this nifty little spittoon for wine! Haha seriously though! It’s true! I watched two very posh and wine-educated women do it! The one woman “drank” the whole glass. I was just like…aren’t you supposed to drink this?

Haha it was interesting. Welcome to France I guess.

Coffee-Fueled Excitement

Today I drank way too much coffee, which normally I would list as a problem because it elevates me to a level of excitement that is not only socially unexceptable, but is really not conducive to note taking (let’s just say I will make circles into squigglies given the chance). HOWEVER, it really served to boost my good mood for the day AND get me through our methodology course, which started today and is not very entertaining at all. Okay, it’s not terrible. But coffee. Good stuff.

Wow. So far today has been really boring. But it’s been a great day.

Lots of coffee.

So Last Night

I went to a language exchange dinner that was hosted by a church. In a word, it was awesome. I met a girl studying her undergrad here in France who is from the Dominican Republic. I met some really cool French people and one girl who is studying alternately in France and Germany (go figure). The food was pretty good too. Salad, some weird cooked chicken paste thing (I make it sound awful, but the thing was delicious, especially with the roast vegetables, apples and rice) and really delicious fruit for dessert. I think I’m going to meet some pretty cool people there.

I also went to the supermarket to buy food because I managed to run out (this is what happens when you buy 4 euros worth of groceries). AND I caved and just bought boxes of cookies. Haha but they’re SO GOOD. It’s non of that super-sugar, super-fat stuff. Uh-uh, this is like animal cracker-type wafer thing with milk chocolate on top.

And paprika pringles. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s a trap. It. Is. A. Trap.

Luckily I need food. Lots of food.

As top honey pot in the Middle East, Egypt needs to protect its bees | Egypt Independent

As top honey pot in the Middle East, Egypt needs to protect its bees | Egypt Independent.

I’m pissed again.

Pesticides. Pesticides are killing the bees. I LOVE bees. A lot of people are afraid of them, but I think that’s a holdover from our childhood. We’ve all been stung by the nasty ones, so we don’t like them, but I love the little guys. I don’t think people realize how important they are to more than just our honey supply. They’re truly beautiful, wonderful creatures.

This. This is not acceptable.


Scratch whatever I said about having problems of any kind being here. OBVIOUSLY I didn’t look hard enough. Friends, Family, Random Strangers who read my blog (thank you by the way), I present to you the single greatest thing that has ever existed. Ever.

I kid you not. These, my friends, are CRISPY M&M’S. Not the crappy pretzel kind, the REAL THING.

I would actually consider living here just for this. I’m probably not kidding.


Anyway, we went to the beach yesterday. Which I’ve posted quite a bit about for not having actually said anything about it. It was a lot of fun. My first thought was that it took me back to all the times we took family vacations to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

HA. If only it was that awesome. Still, really fun. Even if you couldn’t boogie-board.

So the adventure (because you know there was one): we missed our bus to Marseille. Fist and foremost. Haha. SO we had to take another bus into Marseille. Which was fine, we just couldn’t go to the beach we planned to and had to walk from (get this) the central bus station. Yep. Central bus/train station. Real nice. Seriously though. I should have taken photos ’cause it was pretty cool.

So we walked to the beach. And then we got there and it was this:

Please beware. There may be some topless people in this photo. No. If you were thinking about finding an attractive woman topless, stop before you scar yourself. Literally. It’s like, acceptable to take off your top at these beaches (and not at all required), but mostly old people do it. And I actually do mean that. There may have been some as young as forty…but you get the idea.

ANYWAY, the water was fricking freezing. Like, bone-deep cold. It was pretty bad. However, the sun was really bright and hot. And the sand was warm. As you can see, I took advantage of that:

So we chilled. I went on an adventure into the city to find some food. Pain au Chocolat and a tuna sandwhich with dijon mustard. So. Good. We went back to the park where Napolean III’s palace is and ate our food while looking out over Marseille’s old harbor. It was beautiful.

I think that’s the best way to describe that day. Ha. I mean, other than tiring.

It was beautiful.


Some More Adventuring

August 24 (This post got lost?)

Well, yesterday we got french phones and searched for apartments. I think that’s all we did yesterday? It’s all been a bit of a blur. Phones took forever. I feel like I’m back in the eighth grade. Remember those phones you had that had T9 and couldn’t take a picture? Remember T9? Yeah. Welcome to “ma vie actuelle” (my current life). I gotta tell you. It’s an interesting experience using T9 to type messages in French to other Americans. Like, what? But that’s what we’re all doing, cause messages in English (guess what) don’t work on T9. But that’s what we’re here for, so I’m certainly not complaining.

It’s just weird.

ANYWAY, apartments. They’re crazy. Some of them are really small, some are normal, and others are straight-up weird/awesome. The first one we saw was individually rented at 450 euro a month amenities included. Not bad. It was a cool apartement. However, there was one just below it that housed three people in three seperate rooms for about 850 euros. Total. Très cool. Finally comes my favorite (which I didn’t end up doing). It’s in the old neighborhood of Aix, like the bourgeois side. It. Was. Cool. It was dressed up like a fancy apartment and really big. And only 900 euro for the whole thing. Split between two people. Awesome. I was enchanted. It has this really old feel to it that I just love. But. Not so good for my roommate. Which I was okay with.

Our friends have it. So I will be visiting. 😉

The apartement I did end up getting is the three person. About 300 euro a month amenities included and a really nice landlord. I’m super excited. Especially just in the fact that I HAVE a place to go. To call home. The aparthotel is really nice, but it’s really just a hotel. And hotel is not home.

Last note for today (I know, I haven’t even told you about today, or last night, or really anything but I gotta eat dinner now). I went to the market (always want to say “supermarché”) and bought my first bottle of alcohol to go along with my first improvised meal (potatoes, bell pepper, onions and cheese). This is it. Bonjour, bonnuit!

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