My apologies for getting behind on the whole posting thing. Not having internet on top of class from either 4-6 hours every day has kindof dampered the ability. SO, here we go.
I’m getting a little tripped out by the dating stuff here. Hasn’t affected me yet persay, but like second-hand. I mean, to be honest, I’m talking about the women. And I’m going to preface this with two things: 1) I’m a man. 2) I understand that my various opinions on this subject are terribly uninformed and I am remarking on this as primarily an expression of legitimate curiosity.

There are women/girls/thisisanawkwardageandidontknowwhattocallthem who have “boyfriends” already. French. I mean, there’s like an obsession almost with French men. Which, don’t get me wrong, I can understand. I’m not at all attracted to french men, but there’s quite a lot of draw to foreign men. Of almost any kind really. Anyway.

We’ve only been here like, two weeks. It just brings up all these questions. Like, the time it takes to get a French boyfriend seems almost to suggest that love at first sight does in fact exist. Right here! But I don’t think that’s it and I don’t get it. Eh. This isn’t going anywhere.

In more interesting news, we’re watching “The First Day of the Rest of You Life” (Le premier jour du reste de ta vie) in class. It’s weird, French and very good. Well, of what I’ve understood. It’s incredible how little I understand of the movie after seven years of french. Really, truly incredible. But that’s what it is.

Also, I got to talk to my friend in Cairo. That was nice. I have to say I’m jealous on some level, but I also know that the time to go there will come. There is so much to learn about this world I never thought, never began to understand. Here’s a suggestion: click on each of these links and read something about a different country (at least one) in each of them. That’s what I’ve started trying to do every day. And I say trying because I don’t always vary my news, but I always read it. (yes, i know. this one’s in French. not much I can do about it)