Obama at His Best

Watch this. And then take everything he says about peace, and remove everything he says about specifically America. And then make it for everyone. Because that’s what foreign policy should be.


BBC News – Saudis Arabia ‘insulted’ by UK inquiry

BBC News – Saudis Arabia ‘insulted’ by UK inquiry.

This is a really interesting article. I’ve been thinking about it from the perspective of Saudi Arabia to the best of my ability. It’s very interesting.

The Bathroom Window

There are sometimes a few REALLY random things that just make life better for entirely inexplicable reasons. I personally believe that God put them there for you, but even if you don’t, you have to admit that they exist.

Lately (and strangely), this has been the bathroom window for me. It’s about a foot across each way and really high up off the ground. Really, it’s an old, chipped-white, super-standard and otherwise hilariously ordinary thing that lets our bathroom air out (I fear the winter when we will have to close that little guy).

But I’ve taken up looking out the window lately. And, I don’t know, it’s beautiful out there. And I find that no matter how crappy I’m feeling about whatever. It’s a little piece of calm. Every time.

It’s really a blessing.