So last night I stayed up to watch the elections until like 6:30 this morning. And then I went to bed and woke up at noon for a group project. As you can probably guess I was late. You know, that whole lack of sleep and hungover thing doesn’t help. Anyway, to make a long story short. I was like an hour late. I felt so bad!

Except everyone else was just about as late. hahaha Welcome to France.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I had my first true wine-tasting/shop experience! And BOY was that strange. In France when you taste wine, you first smell it. Then swirl it around a bit and examine the color very, very carefully. And then you take a sip and taste…And then you are free to spit it out into this nifty little spittoon for wine! Haha seriously though! It’s true! I watched two very posh and wine-educated women do it! The one woman “drank” the whole glass. I was just like…aren’t you supposed to drink this?

Haha it was interesting. Welcome to France I guess.