Going to Maroc!

I’m leaving for my first sojourn in Africa tomorrow. I have to say, part of me is totally frightened. Which of course only adds to my general sense of awesome excitement! Here’s the agenda:

1) Arrive

2) Explore

3) Desert trip on camels

4) Return having experienced a new continent

Unfortunately I won’t be blogging until I get back I don’t think. But the next post on here will be full of a whole new adventure.

And then London a few days after.

P.S. I find I have difficulty spelling Morocco without spellcheck, so I’ve taken to using the French “Maroc.” It’s easier. Like many words and sentence structures I’ve slowly lost this year to French.


Paris and a Good Day

So tomorrow I’m headed of to the City of Lights: Paris. I’m taking Ryanair which I’ve never done before, so I’m a tad nervous but, let’s be honest. It’s Paris!

Until I actually get to tell you about my super awesome Paris adventures, I’ve got some lovely things for y’all to listen to. Also, when did I start using “y’all” constantly?


I may have possibly lied about giving a real update…I am incidentally leaving for Barcelona tomorrow morning at six! After waking up at four today that will either seem like nothing, or it’ll be awful! Haha. But, long story short, don’t know what internet is going to be like. SO. Possibly no updates ’till Sunday.

However. I promise I’ll give you all something good. With pictures.

And of course, a story.