It’s Good

It’s good just to think sometimes. God how I’ve needed it. One thing about learning in another language is that you spend the whole time just trying to understand. Not making connections or thinking “oh hey! Maybe this other idea might be better! Maybe I should bring it up in class!” No. My experience has been “okay got that. What did he say? Oh crud, wait. Okay he paused. Don’t know what that word means, but it seems important and it sounds like this” etc. And if you didn’t find that at least marginally entertaining, I invite you to laugh at this, because you should feel the same way I do.

But today I cleaned (mildew in the bathroom. Always pleasant. It’s not.), made Dulce de Leche out of a can of sweetened, condensed milk (and you can too!), and went to a cafe to get some coffee, smoke a pipe and think.

The great thing about the pipe bit is that a) it gives me something to do/focus on and b) gives me fire (which is almost a physical need for me. I don’t know why. Might have to do with my energy?). So extra periphery needs taken care of, I sat and thought. It was like going for a nice, gentle run for my brain. I can’t even express how good it felt. To just sit and make connections, theorize about random things and solve literary puzzles (I’m working on a story. Stories are puzzles. Don’t let anyone tell you different).

So to sum up: I’m feeling good. I now have Dulce de Leche I don’t know what to do with. And I have biscuits that will hopefully help that situation. Life is good.


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