Well I’ve been in Hamlin, West Virginia for three weeks now setting up our site for participants coming tomorrow. In that time I’ve met people who have asked us for help with minor work projects (it’s my job to go out and find them) and have met some pretty incredible people.

To hear their stories and to experience just the genuine care and hospitality of these people has been incredible.

It’s a lot different than France. So incredibly different. I miss France a lot, although I wonder what it would be like now. Without most of the wonderful people I know actually there, I don’t know what it would be like. Althought even just the small things like walking up the street to the market I find myself missing immensly. Not to mention just speaking French.

But here. It’s such a blessing to be here in Hamlin, West Virginia. Surrounded by some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, hills totally covered in trees and roads you would be insane to drive the speed limit on.


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